Traveling in bad weather

Traveling in bad weather is certainly a hassle, may it be commuting for an on-site job, going to an event, an appointment that has already been set, social gathering that can’t be postponed, or even when going on vacation. No matter what your reason is, the furious weather will still be there. But don’t worry, we prepared these traveling tips to save your day this rainy season!

The Philippines is located near the equator which makes it a tropical country with wet and dry seasons. It’s also near the Pacific Ocean where typhoons are usually formed, hence, it rains here for almost half a year, from June to November. 

The problems with traveling in bad weather

Rains have such a calming effect. It gives you soothing comfort —only when you stay indoors though. How about when you’re outside and about to experience the wrath of the heavens and the downsides of being soaked?

You may like the feeling, the mood and the vibes when rain pours down, but surely not the consequences it may bring.

Sometimes it’s troublesome when the rainy season approaches, then you want or need to go somewhere else! Just imagine going outside with consecutive typhoons, possible landslides (unfortunately) and flash floods in some areas which would then cause diseases like Flu, Typhoid Fever, and Leptospirosis.

These events we’re going to endure for the next six months during this season (and every year obviously) are part of the reality that we should deal with, and now we should learn how to cope with it.

Luckily, there are things you can do to avoid if not all some of the hassles of traveling under inclement weather. Here are some tips that I know could help you for your next travel this rainy season:

1. Plan your travel

List the things you will need for your trip. You may create a checklist so you can tick what’s already in your bag. It’s more efficient than going back and forth to get what you have forgotten which is an inconveniece given the bad weather. 

2. Take your vitamins

It helps you strengthen your immune system, especially if you have a weak one. It helps prevent flu and other diseases you may catch. As the worn-out yet meaningful saying goes,

“Prevention is better than cure.”

3. Monitor the weather before traveling

This helps your plan become more accurate and to finalize the things that you need to bring. Remember, preparedness ensures your safety. Keep an eye on weather reports for any localized thunderstorms, how strong will it be, or will the rainfall continue the whole day. 

Here are some great sources of weather information when you’re on the go:

PAGASA’s Facebook page, website, and it’s Weekly Weather Outlook

Courtesy: PAGASA

IMReady, GMA News’ special segment that focuses on weather updates, public safety, and preparedness.

GMA News

GMA’s Resident Meteorologist/Weather Presenter Mr. Nathaniel Cruz, a.k.a. Mang Tani Cruz.

Mang Tani Cruz
Courtesy: Mang Tani Cruz
  • The Weather Channel’s website, you can input your city here and have a detailed forecast. They also have mobile apps available for Android and IOS.

Having lot of sources is always better so you can confirm the weather of your travel dates!

4. Bring essential gears

Bring or wear important items that will help you deal with the weather. Here are some:

  • Umbrella. The most common protective equipment against the rain. Usable during summer days as well, so invest in a high-quality and sturdy one!
Courtesy: cosystyleumbrella, Shopee
  • Raincoat. Helps the umbrella protect your body from the rain. Takes up less space in your bag if properly folded
Courtesy:, Shopee
  • Waterproof backpack. You don’t hear it usually, but this might save your belongings. It’s available in online stores like Shopee in case you can’t find one in malls.
Courtesy: bhkfashionbags, Shopee
  • Waterproof shoe cover. Raincoats can’t cover your shoes. This product blocks water and it’s easy to fit in your bag as it’s foldable! It comes with different styles you can choose from and if it isn’t available at your local malls, you can buy them from online stores at a low price. Definitely cheaper than those waterproof shoes! 
Courtesy: aeronang3, Shopee
  • Rubber clog. If you’re after the comfort of your feet and you want them to “breath”, then choose this one. It’s also affordable and easy to find!
Courtesy: see_kevin, Shopee
  • Resealable plastic. If you’re carrying valuable papers, you need to keep them secured. This plastic is very useful in keeping those documents dry!
Courtesy: sh7420, Shopee
  • Powerbank. An absolute necessity nowadays, raining or not.
  • Pocket wifi. This gives better signal than a phone’s mobile data when it’s raining heavily.
Globe Telecom

Waterproof phone case. Mobile phones are very important as we depend on them for so many things. Keep your phones safe, dry, and working with this case even when accidentally dropped in the flood.

Courtesy: happyevrday, Shopee

5. Have your entertainment with you

If you are a person who doesn’t find the rain enjoyable, waiting for hours on a trip might bore you. It’s important to bring your kind of entertainment in your pocket. Be it be a physical game, mobile game, movie, or music.

6. Go out early

Unexpected things may happen, most likely when you’re traveling in bad weather. There’s a big possibility that roads may be flooded, usually, if the place is in a low-lying area, or drainages are clogged. As a result, this create traffic jams. Get your list of alternative roads ready in order to get to your destination on time. Another cause of slow traffic is road accidents, it is common with slippery roads, poor visibility, and fuzzy windshields and side mirrors. This may take your time, hence, it’s better to be ahead!

The rainy season in the Philippines is a geographical phenomenon that we can’t change, however bad it is. What we can do instead is embrace the benefits it gives, such as filling the irrigations and dams, which both helps in growing and harvesting crops and water security. Let’s find a way to deal with the not-so-good ones. We hope that these tips for traveling in bad weather can somehow help fill those gaps!

May you have a better journey while it’s raining! Keep safe, and enjoy your trip!

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