Where To Go Next?

Our Story

Sometimes or oftentimes, there are problems that require us to think!


Maybe for your

  • Anniversary or monthsary next week
  • Barkada chill-out session
  • Reunion with your closest friends
  • Last-minute weekend get-aways and many more…

Or you’re curious about the trends on lifestyle, tech, and about the Philippines in general.

We know that, and we are here to help! Unique Philippines is born to answer those. Here, you’ll find suggestions for the following things you didn’t know you needed as well;

  • What’s the famous food establishment out there that we haven’t tried yet?
  • What’s the coziest place to book for a stay-cation?
  • Are there any local movies worth watching?
  • Unknown yet unique destinations waiting to be explored?

This is your go-to-site for all of the above!

Unique Philippines is your online guide for all the quirkiest things here in the Pearl of the Orient and while we’re at it, we will take you to places where locals go and provide useful tips along the way.

Stay tuned, we have more surprises coming!
Here at UP, we do things differently!


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