The Bayanihan spirit, a Filipino attribute described as working together for the same goal, was on full show across the country of the Philippines.

As people have to stay at home due to the pandemic, many used social media to send help. Others organized nationwide efforts to make their voices heard and to help their fellow Filipinos.

What is Bayanihan?

“Bayanihan” translates to “being in a bayan” and refers to a key part of Filipino culture. It also means cooperating with the community to achieve a common objective.

Bayanihan originated in the Philippines where people used to move houses literally in the old days. In some other words, people showing how to lift each other, such as normal Filipinos working together to improve their community. Bayanihan means to lift and practically to move.

“There is no doubt the Philippines will survive this dreaded Covid-19 pandemic. The people’s patience, the Bayanihan spirit of the Filipinos, and our Nationalism will carry us through these wonderful times.”

Manny B. Villar

The Bayanihan Community Pantry

To help the people in need, community pantries have sprung up all across the Philippines. Foods and other needs are placed on a table as a pantry, where people can choose what they want.

All of these visions are being led by groups of people who truly wish to help. Anyone can build their own community pantry regardless of where they live in the Philippines.

lift up each other by sharing foods

When there are calamities in the country, the Filipino trait of working and supporting each other is a great ‘Bayanihan’ example. Therefore the Covid19 Pandemic shows the ‘Bayanihan’ of the Filipinos through community pantries that have greatly helped those people in need.

Above all, the community pantry concept is similar to the ancient bartering system. When money is not available, individuals turn to trade products and services to help. The same is true with community food pantries. Those who can provide what they can, and those who are in need can get what they need.

Ana Patricia Non established the community pantry on Maginhawa Street. Non set up a cart for only a few goods and staples, then posted a sign encouraging people to take what they need and donate what they can.

Patricia non the first Filipino who established community pantry
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How Community Pantry helps People in Times of Pandemic

A community pantry for the people by the people was the vision in mind. Then, it created ripples across the Philippines which has been nothing short of inspiring and uplifting to many Filipinos.

Clearly, this pandemic shows how creative the Filipinos are. Above all, this is what Bayanihan means in Filipino, to support those in need by any means available to you.

Kindness has always been infectious, and we simply don’t need to “mask” ourselves from this so it will spread.

Importance of Bayanihan

in Pandemic or even in a disaster the bayanihan of filipinos is always there.

The importance of Bayanihan is for the Filipinos to care for each other.

And by doing so we will be able to stand up quickly in the trials we are going through just like this pandemic.

So for now that there is a new virus that is spreading again, let’s not forget the essence of “Bayanihan” or showing concern for each other. Always keep in mind that this is the best way to live during this pandemic.

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