Coffee Drama has release their second single under Viva Records - Control+Alt+Delete

The first-ever all Aklanon Indie Rock Band, “Coffee Drama” has been fascinating the netizens with their original music: a sip of Modern OPM Vibes.

  • Coffee Drama is a local indie rock band composed of Cyd Arellano for bass, Diob Vega for drums, and Vesper “Vep” Vega for vocals and guitar.
  • They have released various albums and two of their debut singles were produced under Viva Records. You may visit here for more info.

How it all started?

Vep, Cyd, and Diob are all proud natives of Numancia, Aklan. Their common interest is by playing musical instruments with zeal to impart original compositions following the tunes of “Tunog Kalye” OPM vibes for their audience. Started as an Acoustic Duo now an Acoustic Rock Trio!

Coffee with a blend of Drama

Joy with a piece of sadness. Not all the time there is a happy ending. Sometimes, you just need to experience those downfalls in order to really see that sip of hope along the way. “To make it more Pinoy, Coffee was blended with a touch of Drama, Filipinos being fanatics of drama series”, as Vep says.

Let’s have a glimpse of their original music masterpieces:

1. Nevermind

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Coffee Drama’s debut single “Nevermind” has hooked many netizens. I know most of us can relate to this; Love issues? Well this song teaches us how to move on, let go and continue going forward. This is their first single release under Viva Records. You may listen here.

2. Control+Alt+Delete

Coffee Drama has release their second single under Viva Records - Control+Alt+Delete
Coffee Drama Trio

Coffee Drama’s second single “Control+Alt+Delete” serves as a sequel to their first debut single. The lyrics talk about completely letting go of someone out of your life and starting anew. For a full track, you may listen here.

3. Tahan

The trio’s another hit that will make your heart pop! Its unique sound of local OPM Vibes will give you that LSS feeling (Last Song Syndrome) over and over again. You may listen to the full track here.

4. M.U.

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This solid “Tunog Kalye” (street sound) OPM Vibes will surely bring you to another dimension! Coffee Drama’s another rendition of love and affection. I’m sure you’ll add it to your list! Click here to listen more.

5. Ako at Ikaw

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Lastly, Coffee Drama’s “Take A Sip” Album has given us another rendition of Indie rock OPM vibes with it’s cool version of “Ako at Ikaw”. You may click here for a full music track.

Aklan Indie Rock Brigade

Founded in the year 2013, Vep has created this Association for all local artists to be together, meet and organize some events. This has been their avenue of expressing music through the sharing of their original music compositions.

As I’ve asked him if what will be their plans after this pandemic, he says, “We will continue producing and spreading our music across the country. We’ll definitely go back on touring and meeting new friends/artists.” He added.

Message for Music Enthusiasts

Vep has left a message for those who are aspiring to have their voice be heard through a unique music scene:

“Don’t stop making original music, as a musician/artist, it’s more fulfilling to contribute to the growth of our local music scene and OPM. ” Mag-umpisa it istayuti ag maghandum it mabahaoe nga may pagpaubos. (Start small but dream big, taking humility with it).

You may follow them in their youtube account by clicking on this link.
FB/IG Page:@coffeedrama

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