Filpino Komiks

Do you remember the last time you’ve read a true Filipino Komiks? The classic Kenkoy, the works of Mars Ravelo, or the comic strip in newspapers. Nowadays, you can find them on the net through the websites created by ambitious groups of Filipinos who want to offer komiks to modern readers.

WebKom Alliance

Courtesy: WebKom Alliance FB Page

WebKom is a community of Filipino writers, artists, and creators where they can share their works and give support. You can read komiks in different genres: action, fantasy, adventure, romance among many others.

Learn more about them here, and start reading their collection!


Courtesy: Kalabaw Kolektib FB Page

A collaboration of fellow creators to bring quality Filipino komiks under one place. A digital home for amateur and professional writers alike. Penlab’s collection is divided by genre so you can easily browse which komiks you want to read.

You can start visiting their website, and binge-read their numerous works.


Coutesy: KomikSpot FB Page

The third and the latest to enter the online comic scene for Filipinos. Originally an online store for digital and print-on-demand komiks, now they’ve added a free, online self-publishing platform so creators can cover all areas.

Though they just started, you can already read of a handful of komiks to satisfy your cravings and we can expect more soon. Read their komiks here!

It is great that more Filipinos now are starting to appreciate an art form to which many would say before is “dying”, but alas, not anymore! Thanks to WebKom, Penlab, and KomikSpot for revitalizing the local comics scene.

It might take a while but we are hopeful that Filipino Komiks will achieve the same level of readership, respect, and adaptation given to Japanese Manga, Korean Manwha or Webtoons, and American Comics (Marvel/DC/Dark Horse, etc.)

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