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Many Filipino consumers want to buy products that benefit them and support others. But, have you taken the steps to achieve this? There are more than enough reasons to buy Filipino products without sacrificing the need for quality, and some even give more advantages. Here are some of them.

Reasons why you should patronize products and services from the Philippines

You help small businesses to grow

Selling Filipino products

Supporting small businesses gives help not only to the owners but also to more people. Their main source of income will be maintained and there’s the opportunity to expand the business which would require more employees. Hence, creating job opportunities for our fellow Filipinos!

It is a big help for them especially in this time of pandemic where more businesses are operating on a limited capacity, or decreased manpower, especially those in the leisure industry.

You can save the lives of our heroes!

Farmer that harvest crops

Our farmers without a doubt are unsung heroes that provide us with food at a cheaper price. However, middlemen take advantage of them through bargaining the price on their harvest; crops that they nurtured tirelessly just to make their own meal for a day. Romanticizing their stories isn’t enough; they need actual help. Buying directly from them is one of the best ways.

Go to the nearest local farms and buy directly from them (without bargaining), or from the aisle of local markets where they sell. If you live in the city, here’s how you can support our farmers. This is definitely a win-win for everyone! We get to eat fresh goods while saving the lives and livelihood of our heroes.

It breaks our “colonial mentality” mindset


Colonial mentality is also somehow related to our “Pinoy Pride” —a feeling of pleasure and pride of being a Filipino just because our country is being validated by other races. We believe we’re better if the compliment is coming from them, which shows how desperate we are for foreign attention.

As a result, people outside our country learned how to utilize it for their own profit, called Pinoy-Baiting. They make videos on the internet mentioning the Philippines along with its good traits, then programs from Netflix that occasionally speak in Tagalog.

Many Filipinos tend to worship those shows and disregard the fact that many award-winning Filipino movies are available on the said platform, which is something to be proud of.

We should place our “Pinoy Pride” in the right context. As a nation, we can collectively validate each other in a good way, and supporting and appreciating our very own products. You may ask if that’s possible, well, Trese proves that.

You can have them firsthand

Fresh Filipino products

In terms of fresh foods, especially meat, locally produced is fresher than those imported ones. It takes much time to get in our country, plus the duration it spent in our markets.

Buy retail meat near poultries and piggeries, they’re highly likely to sell fresh ones!

Helps preserve our culture

Handmade Filipino products

If you’re into aesthetics and cultural value, you might consider our local handicrafts made by our fellow Filipinos! From handmade purses to weaved baskets craftily designed to appeal to our eyes.

Buying them helps their business to continue as well as their creative professions which are a part of our culture. This is direct support for the talent of our great local artisans!

Filipino products boost our economy

Economic rise through Filipino products

Sounds vague, right? But buying our products and patronizing our brands have significantly positive effects in terms of our country’s revenue. To simply explain it, the money circulates only in our country which would be beneficial to us. It generates more funds, hence we could (hopefully) use it for major projects that support the country.

Filipino products are cheaper in price, but higher in quality

Exporting of Filipino products

This is the very practical thing we can get from purchasing our local products. By the word “cheaper,” means more inexpensive than known foreign brands but can keep up with them in terms of value. Unlike those low-cost labor countries that tend to mass-produce; very cheap in price, but so is the quality.

In the Philippines, the term “lokal” (locally-made) is associated with poor-quality imitations, used to undermine the local products. Although, sometimes, they pertain to substandard foreign products. This keeps ours inferior to imported ones, but doesn’t change the fact that our products are of export quality!

Patronizing our local Filipino products build our own identity as a country. It helps our nation thrive even in times of crisis. Don’t just passively buy things, make them count! Be a wise Filipino consumer!

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