Have you ever wonder how does a typical Juan is coping up with this Pandemic? Well, in this censorious situation that everyone strives to survive, Filipinos learned to incorporate their skills in making a living. Known for being wise and resourceful, this pandemic has shown us how creative and talented a typical Juan can be.

One of the unique abilities of Filipinos is being versatile in creating their unique ways of survival. Engaging with different types of businesses with limited resources just to provide the needs of their families. Given the situation where most of the workers aren’t still on the run, here are some ways of Juan when asked if “Open-minded ka ba (Are you open-minded)?

  • Food Business

In the Philippines where people love to eat and usually munch three to five times a day, selling food is an undying trend. Tickling your taste buds with some of the new food discoveries in the middle of Pandemic. These foods doesn’t require a big capital and most of the ingredients can be easily found in the market.

Photo courtesy: Kitchen Lemon Ph
Ube Turon Malagkit is a new food trend business during the quarantine. It is filled with glutinous rice mixed with ube flavored condensed milk, cheese, and coated with caramelized sugar.
Photo courtesy: Kusina Chef
Ube Cheese Pandesal is a new twist on our classic Filipino merienda. Soft and delicious bread flavored with sweet Ube (purple-yam) and cheese filling. Who says that pandesal is boring?

Photo courtesy: Bella Cooks Facebook
Graham de leche is a combination of the classic Leche flan and Fruity Graham Cake.
  • Online Selling

Pre loved items like clothes, shoes, bags and even home appliances are being sold online thru the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and alike. “Pa mine, mine nalang mga Sis.” (Say/Comment “Mine” if you want the item). Every Juan knows: D

Photo courtesy to Say Yes Apparel Shoppe
  • Modern Day-Barter System

It is an old method of exchanging products even before money was invented. Who would have thought that this centuries-old system can be revived despite the growing advanced technology?
Juan thought, and Juan did. The system is simple when you want an item you have to trade it for something of the same value.

Photo courtesy to Claire Yarlett Alvarez
You just have to post the item in some Barter Community Groups together with your location and your preferred item. Wait until you found your Barter partner and close the deal. That’s it!
  • Pasa-Buy System

It works the same way with Grab Food, Food Panda, and any other mobile food delivery. The only difference is that it doesn’t require a booking thru an Application because we literally do it the Filipino way, the use of Social media.

Photo courtesy to Jumar Gado
Post your location or your destination so that prospect pasa-buyer will know if their item can be bought along the way.

We were tested countless times at the beginning of the year 2020. The ingenuity and resiliency of Filipinos were proven by the numbers of calamities, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and earthquakes we surmounted. The sense of humor and optimism in the Filipino spirit made us thrive and say “Pagsubok ka lang, Pilipino kami.”

Now tell me, in the midst of this crisis, does Juan Tamad still exist?

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