Drive-in Cinema in the Philippines

Just when we think that theatres will no longer be relevant, they innovate leading to the rise of drive-in cinema in the Philippines. As famously known, “the only permanent thing in this world is change” & “innovate or die!” Quotes that are truer now more than ever! The way we work, study, travel, shop, and the way we consumed entertainment has changed.

For now, those living in Metro Manila and Pampanga can get a break from all the bad vibes of this pandemic and enjoy a movie with your family or friends (maximum of four guests per vehicle).

Advance reservations required via SM Tickets with rate starting at Php 400.00 per person (inclusive of regular-sized popcorns, bottled water, and beef franks). In order to avoid cars racing to park in front of the 20m x 8m screen, designated parking slots will be given upon arrival.

Courtesy: Manila Bulletin

For the movie’s audio, you have to tuned in a specific frequency in your car’s FM radio (or a portable radio that you can bring).

2020 is a tough year and this type of entertainment is a breath of good news as we are sailing this global pandemic. We can also expect that more drive-in cinemas around the country will pop-up (owners of huge vacant/parking lots may partner with providers to bring the movies near you).

This is just the beginning and we are on a ride for a unique experience with the rise of drive-in cinema in the Philippines.

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