Places to visit after COVID-19

Work and study from home, e-numan sessions, zoom weddings, virtual celebrations, and online work-outs. The usual outdoor activities that we are now doing in the comfort of our homes. However, once we return to normal, what are the top places to visit after COVID-19?

According to Filipino netizens that we’ve asked, below are the places they want to quickly visit right after this pandemic. You may find them arranged in order of popularity:

The Church

Visiting the Church has the top spot of places to visit after COVID
Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu

Yes, we are surprised too, no.1 on our list of top places to visit after COVID-19 is the Church! Faith in God is still the top priority of many Filipinos. The Philippines is also one of the world’s most religious countries and this is why some say we are resilient as a people because of our deep-faith.

As of the moment, Philippine churches have adapted to provide their services online, however, people still miss the fellowship of their co-worshippers, receiving the sacraments and going to what they see as the house of God.

Boracay Island

Boracay Island, Philippines is the 2nd highest for the top places to visit after COVID-19

Small yet exquisite! Boracay once again was recognized as 2019’s Best Island in Asia by the renowned travel magazine Conde Nast. One of the obvious positive effects of the six (6) month-closure of the island for complete rehabilitation.

Local and international visitors can’t wait to visit this small island in Western Visayas for a taste of paradise and the ultimate beach experience!


Batanes is 3rd for the top places to visit after COVID-19
Basco, Batanes

Simply heaven on earth that brings you internal peace and calmness. Long before the pandemic, Batanes has always piqued curiosity and interest. The simple way of life and honesty of the locals and their affinity with nature are some of the reasons why people want to go to the Philippines’ northernmost island.

As of this writing, Batanes is also the lone province in the country without any confirmed COVID-19 cases! Good people, beautiful place and efficient local governance, way to go Batanes!


Palawan - Best Island in the World is 4th for the top places to visit after COVID-19
El Nido, Palawan

This is the Philippines’ last ecological frontier, 2020’s Best Island in the World, and where you will be exploring the world’s longest navigable underground river (Puerto Princesa Underground River).

Palawan also boasts numerous unique places for you to discover; go and enjoy Coron Island, hop along the beaches of El Nido, dive into another world with Tubbataha Reefs National Park. Definitely an experience of a lifetime!

Home Province

Home province is 5th for the top places to visit after COVID-19
In order (left to right)
Catanduanes (courtesy:
Dumaguete (courtesy:
Pangasinan (courtesy:
Quirino Province (courtesy:
Cagayan Valley (courtesy:
Batangas (courtesy:

Family is Forever for Filipinos! However, we have no alternatives but to spent our summer vacation indoors. Canceled our family reunions, have simple birthday celebrations and postponed our travel plans.

The Philippines, an archipelago composed of 7,500 + islands has a province for most of the Filipinos. People go back to their hometowns from time to time especially for those who are working in metropolitan hubs.


Malls in the Philippines placed 6th for the top places to visit after COVID-19
SM Seaside City Cebu (courtesy:
Ayala Mall Manila Bay (courtesy:
Robinson’s Galleria (courtesy:

Malls are kings! These gigantic multi-purpose buildings have become integral to our everyday lives. We go here to shop, dine, play, watch, meet and so on.

Five months and counting since the community quarantines were implemented, non-essential travel and activities are still limited. Sadly, that includes going to our favorite hangout spot.

Least-visited Islands and Beaches

Beaches and least-visited islands is 7th for the top places to visit after COVID-19
La-Union Beach (courtesy:
Buruanga, Aklan (courtesy: Theodor Luntao)

Yes! Sun, Sea and Sand, we’re coming for you (and hopefully soon)!

Less-popular islands and beaches land in 7th spot in our top places to visit after this pandemic. People love to go to new places and actually adjusted their bucket list and travel goals to experience breath-taking places with fewer visitors.

But the beaches are a must! Seems like the saying is true; life’s a beach!

Mountains for Hiking

Mountains for Hiking
Bucari, IloIlo (courtesy:

Seasoned and amateur hikers/curios travelers want to conquer new and more mountains and they can’t wait to gear-up and trek once again. Goals differ from person to person, to admire the place, a unique weekend date with your partner, to achieve inner peace or the classic soul-searching.

Regardless, we will lift our spirits again and go to high places after COVID-19.

Baguio and Tagaytay

The summer capitals of the Philippines
Tagaytay (courtesy:
Baguio (courtesy:

The summer capitals of the Philippines where people can enjoy a sip of warm Bulalo, fresh fruits like strawberry and pineapple and literally just chill in the cool breeze.

The soon-to-be-completed Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway which greatly reduces the travel time from Manila to Baguio is encouraging more people to visit these cold places.

Camping Grounds

Camping grounds in the Philippines
San Rafael River Adventure, Bulacan (courtesy:

Last but definitely not least in our top places to visit after COVID-19, camping! People like to camp because of the scenery, the fresh air everywhere, being close to nature, and socialization with different campers. Quite a contrary to the norm of staying in hotels/motels.

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