Things to Do after COVID-19

Are you wondering what are the things you can do now that there’s this pandemic or the things you can do after COVID-19? The Philippines and the rest of the world still at a halt, canceled plans, postponed getaways and unfortunately many were laid-off or made redundant. We will have yet to see how life is going to be once we finally solved this crisis.

Looking forward with positivity and with our resiliency to “survive” this predicament, we hope for a future where we can do the activities we loved and missed.

So, after asking a number of Filipino netizens about the activities they will do once we return to normal, below are their answers according to popularity:

Food trip with family and loved ones

Food Trip and Samgyupsal is top for things to after COVID-19
Korean BBQ Samgyupsal became a hit with Filipinos (courtesy:

We know a lot of people resorted to online selling of hearty dishes from ube pan de sal, kakanin, ramen to frozen goods. Yet, nothing beats going to your favorite dining place and enjoying your comfort food.

Samguypsal night paired with Soju, unli-rice competition at Mang Inasal, satisfying your sweet tooth with desserts, or trying out new restaurants. Whichever it is, we Filipinos simply love to feast and we definitely want to do it soon!

Back to Work

Many people will go back to work after COVID-19

Millions and not just in the Philippines but around the world have lost their primary source of income. There were those whose companies allowed a work-from-home set-up or accommodations near their offices were provided.

However, not all were fortunate, in my previous story we mentioned that around 2.6 Million Filipinos in the tourism sector alone were made redundant. So once the dust settles, the next battle we will face is finding new careers.


Malling and Shopping can be an expensive or cheap activity after this COVID-19

Even with the rise of online shopping companies like Shopee/Lazada for retail and Grab Food/Food Panda for F&B, Filipinos will still go to the malls as they are deeply in love with it.

Though shopping is the primary reason most folks go to this place, us Filipinos have a whole lot more reasons! Many go here to worship (yes there are chapels inside), attend business meetings, watch films or simply walk around!

Just recently on Facebook, netizens shared how many branches of SM Malls have they visited. Proof of how Filipinos adore their malls so much.

Going to Church

Praying in a Church will likely be the top thing to do after COVID-19

Coming in 4th is going to Church to worship. Currently, Philippine churches are only allowed to conduct their liturgical/worship services for 10 people at any given time. The CBCP (Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines) is asking the government to reconsider its policies, but many believed this is understandable to prevent more COVID-19 infections.

Now more than ever, people are trying to remain strong and hold on to their faith as they faced an uncertain future.

Get together with Family and Friends

Get together with family and friends

Are you thinking about your friend’s birthday that you celebrated via zoom? Your scheduled Netflix and chill nights? The much-awaited family or class reunion or the extemporaneous weekend getaways?

We’re with you, we missed it too! People can’t wait to return to their previous everyday lives so they can hang and get together with those who are special to them.


Courtesy: Musubi by Angel FB Page

As mentioned, a lot (and it’s really a lot) of Filipinos are doing online selling since March, while others accepted part-time online jobs, and that’s a good thing! A productive way to past time and earn the much-needed income as well.

Even when they return to their fulltime jobs soon, they plan to keep their online business/jobs as a side-hustle. How about you, tell us about your side-hustles?



Batangas, Laguna, Subic, Tagaytay, Baguio, Ilocos, Bicol, and many more that are well-known as road trip-worthy places. According to experts, traveling by car is safer (when it comes to COVID-19 transmission) versus via bus or planes.

When is your next road trip? Now is the best time to plan that getaway that keeps on postponing (drawing na naman) and achieve that another barkada goals!

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