“What are the things am I passionate about? Am I good at baking, selling, or even painting? Am I good at writing articles?” Do I have these unique hobbies that I can turn into earnings?

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We all know that this pandemic really sucks. Some of us have lost our jobs, some had undergone shortened workweek, and even pay cuts. Now, we ask ourselves: how can we sustain our everyday expenses? How can we survive a day? How can we cope up with our monthly bills?

This is now the time to think out of the box. “What will I do to earn an extra penny? What will be my game plan?” Ask yourself. Ask it for the nth time. Well, maybe you have these hobbies that you are not aware you can make money with.

Here are some of those unique hobbies that can turn out to be your best gems:


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Most of us are very passionate about this thingy! Even in our homes, we are really fond of baking. The ingredients are not that expensive as we can find them in the four corners of our kitchen. Availability-wise, check!

This can be a fresh start for your unique hobby to turn into earnings. With a capital of only PhP3,000 – PhP5,000, you can start it ahead. Make your hobby your reality! For more tips, you may visit here.

Arts and Crafts

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Filipinos are known to be great artists! And most of us have started it as a unique hobby. Filipino celebrity, Heart Evangelista (a.k.a. Love Marie) is one of the living testimony for this kind of craft- painting. Well, if you really have that talent or maybe you do it as a hobby, it’s not a too late for you! You can turn that hobby into earnings! You may opt to sell you crafts even online. Just click for more inspiring stories here.

Be a YouTuber!

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If you’re fond of sharing your ideas, editing videos, speaking in front of the camera, well you’ll never know, you can be the next Ivana Alawi! Your content can be educational, inspiring, or can be an eye opener just like the contents of Raffy Tulfo. As time passes by, if you’re really persistent with your hobby, you can monetize it. Turn that unique hobby into earnings. Create your YouTube channel now! Dedication and persistence is the key! You may check it out here.

Playing Musical Instruments

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Are you fond of listening to any musical piece? Or maybe you are the one who plays some instruments? Well, don’t wait for that hobby to turn into rust. Make use of it to earn extra gems! You can get yourself into freelancing. You may be invited to perform even virtually. What are you waiting for? This can be one of your unique hobbies you can turn into earnings! Click for more here.

Online Selling

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Is it your hobby to post any content in social media? Well, you can market some of your goods if you have plans in building your very own online business. It can be re-selling of some beauty products, shirts and apparels or even homemade processed foods. Your unique hobby can be filled with excitement if you already are earning something from it! Check for more trends here.

These are some of the unique hobbies that are trending nowadays. As most of us are work from home, why not utilize some of our time into something great? Why not turn our unique hobbies into a profitable business venture?

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